Released: January 22nd 2016 | DS108LP

M:FANS is a themed re-imagining of John Cale's classic 1982 album, Music For A New Society. By sampling the original record in the radical reworking, Cale presents an interesting relationship between the old and the new.

Comes with an MP3 and WAV download card.

Side A
  • 01 Prelude (M:FANS)
  • 02 If You Were Still Around (M:FANS)
  • 03 Taking Your Life In Your Hands (M:FANS)
Side B
  • 01 Thoughtless Kind (M:FANS)
  • 02 Sanctus (Sanities Mix) (M:FANS)
  • 03 Broken Bird (M:FANS)
Side C
  • 01 Chinese Envoy (M:FANS)
  • 02 Changes Made (M:FANS)
  • 03 Library of Force (feat. Man In The Book Excerpt) (M:FANS)
Side D
  • 01 Close Watch (M:FANS)
  • 02 If You Were Still Around (Choir Reprise) (M:FANS)
  • 03 Back To The End (M:FANS)